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If you want to use your money to build a better life, you’re in the right place.

Every piece of content on this website is dedicated to one simple goal: to help you build and protect your financial resources.

To help you achieve your financial goals, we provide expert content and research-based financial recommendations.

Why Should You Listen?

This website was created by a married couple – Jacob and Vanessa – to teach other married couples how to save money, eliminate debt, and build a more secure financial future.

Over time, the website organically grew to include individuals and couples from all walks of life. As the audience expanded, the content focus of the website shifted to include financial content and expert reviews.

While the content has become more detailed and comprehensive, our journey makes everything relatable. We started with (less than) nothing, and were able to build a comfortable financial life by applying the principles written about on this website. These prior experiences allow us to understand the challenges that you face in building a better financial life.