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Cash Cow Couple attracts readers who are interested in financial related topics. Many readers are already well-educated and looking to improve their financial life by implementing the content recommendations that we provide.

As a result, this site represents an excellent opportunity for firms looking to showcase financial-related products or services.

We seek out long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering quality products/services. We are selective with advertising partners, choosing only those companies that deliver real value to our audience.

Advertising Options

There are 3 primary advertising options available:

Dedicated Financial Reviews

Detailed financial reviews are a primary source of advertising on this blog. Unlike many blogs, we will not accept every review request. You must meet the following criteria for review:

  1. Provide a financial-related product or service.
  2. Communicate to us how your product/service can benefit our audience.
  3. Understand that we are professionals, and our time is valuable. We require payment if you want us to spend hours learning about your product/service.

If you understand our requirements and would like a review, send us an email ([email protected]) and we will provide a custom quote.

The review package can include:

  • One honest, comprehensive review of your product/service (including affiliate links when applicable)
  • Promotion by us (including SEO and link building to drive traffic)
  • Potential placement on our resources page
  • Customized email sent to our list
  • Shares on Twitter and Facebook

After completing the review, we can also create additional guides/tutorials on using your service. If you are willing to offer prizes and/or an exclusive discount, we can provide additional exposure to our audience.

Please be aware that if your product/service performs poorly, that will be reflected in the review. You are paying for our assessment of your product/service, not a fabricated review. We can let you know in advance if you are likely to receive a positive or negative review.

Please see this example and this example to assess the quality of reviews.

Banner Display Ads

For banner advertisements, you must be a trusted resource that we feel comfortable promoting on a continual basis. We will not accept low-quality ads, or anything that detracts from the mission of this blog.

We offer the following options for banner placement:

  • 300*250 Sidebar (Below the fold)
  • 125*125 Sidebar (Below the fold)
  • 468*60 after individual posts

Email us for a quote ([email protected]), and include information about what you are trying to promote.

Sponsored Content

We do occasionally accept sponsored content on the site, and work with brands looking to create new content for our specific audience.

The fee depends on the context, so please email us about sponsored inquiries ([email protected]).

Traffic Statistics

Cash Cow Couple continues to grow and expand. Here are some current statistics to show that:

  • Twitter: Roughly 11,700 followers
  • Facebook: Roughly 5,300 followers
  • Email list: We maintain a large, cleaned list of email subscribers. If you need an email campaign, we can provide specifics via email.

Below you can see you can see the live traffic statistics for the most recent monthly period. This is updated automatically and in real time.