Financial Freedom Personal Financial Planning

Financial Freedom: What Does it Mean to You?

From a young age, individuals in the developed world are instructed to get an education and then a job. After landing a solid job, the recommendation is to save a small percentage of each paycheck for 40+ years until retirement. The underlying

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Make money and save money shopping online

How to Get Paid to Shop Online

There are a variety of strategies that can be used to save money while shopping, but the easiest is getting paid cash back to shop online. When you need to make a purchase, you can either visit your local retail

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FICO Credit Meter 300 to 850

How to Improve and Increase Your Credit Score

A good credit score unlocks a wide variety of financial opportunities, including easier and cheaper access to credit and loans, reduced insurance premiums, better lease agreements, fewer utility deposits, and even potential employment opportunities. In our modern economy, your credit matters

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Personal Financial Planning

How to Repair, Rebuild, and Improve Bad Credit

When you have a limited credit history, most creditors are reluctant to extend you new lines of credit because they don’t know anything about your borrowing habits. This presents a minor challenge, but there are several straightforward solutions that can help

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Credit Score Excellent or Poor

Why Does a Good (or Bad) Credit Score Matter?

In a recent article discussing the range of possible credit scores, I highlighted the relationship between credit and mortgage interest rates. This article will provide additional examples to demonstrate the importance of credit scores in our modern economy. As a

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Debt Student Loans

LendKey Review 2018 + $100 Bonus

With nearly $2 Billion in funded loans to date, LendKey is one of the most promising providers in the student loan space. Offering private student loans as well as student loan refinancing options, LendKey has partnered with more than 250

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Asset Allocation Models Investing

Is Modern Portfolio Theory Still Relevant?

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the mathematical framework that powers the investment concept of diversification, which posits that investors can minimize the volatility of their portfolio and maximize their expected return by investing in a diversified portfolio of risky financial

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Good Credit

What is Considered a Good Credit Score?

Credit scoring models analyze your credit report(s) and generate credit score(s) using the information in your report. A higher credit score is always preferred, but there are no definite guidelines that establish a “good” or “bad” credit score. Every business sets its own

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