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Asset Allocation Models Investing

Is Modern Portfolio Theory Still Relevant?

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the mathematical framework that powers the investment concept of diversification, which posits that investors can minimize the volatility of their portfolio and maximize their expected return by investing in a diversified portfolio of risky financial

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Good Credit

What is Considered a Good Credit Score?

Credit scoring models analyze your credit report(s) and generate credit score(s) using the information in your report. A higher credit score is always preferred, but there are no definite guidelines that establish a “good” or “bad” credit score. Every business sets its own

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Personal Finance Resources

We frequently receive questions about financial products and services from readers, so we thought it would be helpful to put together a comprehensive list of the providers that we feel are most beneficial. We spend a good amount of time researching the

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Investing Review

Ally Invest Review 2019 (Formerly TradeKing)

Table of ContentsAlly Invest PlatformAlly Invest FeesAlly Invest Customer ServiceAlly Invest SecurityAlly Invest DrawbacksIs Ally Invest Right for You? Ally Invest was formerly known as TradeKing. Ally Financial purchased TradeKing and rebranded the existing brokerage service in early 2017. Ally

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Motif Investing Review

Motif Investing Review 2019

Table of ContentsMotif Trading AccountTrade Individual SecuritiesTrade IPOsCreate, Modify, and Trade MotifsMotif Royalty ProgramMotif Impact PortfoliosHow Motif Impact Portfolios CompareMotif Investing FeesMotif Investing DrawbacksMotif Investing Review Summary Motif Investing offers a unique combination of brokerage services and managed investment portfolios. A

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Credit Score

Improve Your Credit Score with a Credit-Builder Loan

Your credit score is determined by the following factors: Payment History (35%) Credit Utilization (30%) Credit History (15%) New Credit (10%) Credit Mix (10%) In this article, I will explain how a credit-builder installment loan can improve your credit mix, credit utilization, and your overall credit

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