The Cheapest Cell Phone Plans Available

cheapest Cell Phone plans save money

We are currently part of a so called “family plan” offered by AT&T with a total of 5 lines. Lady Cash Cow gets a big work discount that reduces the cost of the plan, but if her family wasn’t already committed in the contract, we would look elsewhere.

The cost of cell phone plans (namely the big brand 2 year contract plans) can be staggering. I’ve recently discussed my cell phone plan findings with a few friends and almost fell out of my chair when I heard what they were paying.

The good news is that the market has recently opened up. You no longer have to sign on for 2 years of wallet devastation through the major providers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint). You can simply pay for what you use, no contract required. Meet the MVNO.

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a company that offers cell phone services by reselling the mobile services of another carrier, often with certain limitations, at a lower cost. In the U.S., there are MVNOs that resell AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon services at a lower cost than you can obtain service directly from any of them. There are usually very few differences between the services provided by an MVNO and the services provided by the major carriers. What we’ve found is that the MVNO providers often carry the cheapest cell phone plans.


As you probably know, most major cellular services now utilize a sim card. All MVNO providers which use their services will also use a sim card. This makes switching plans really easy.

If you need a phone, you can get good unlocked phones on Amazon or Craigslist. If you have a compatible phone, you just need to buy and install the correct SIM card.

  • Example:  You decide to switch from AT&T to AirVoice Wireless (see below). You buy an AirVoice sim card on Amazon and put it into your existing AT&T phone. It works perfectly because AirVoice uses AT&T towers.

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans:

Unlimited Use:

Republic Wireless: (Update: This is the plan my parents were using. Read my detailed Republic Wireless review for more info) A relatively new idea, the provider leverages the power of Wifi to cut costs for users. They offer an integrated VoIP and cellular service for a discounted price. The have recently redone the the WiFi and cellular integration, which has greatly enhanced the service. Voice and text is through Sprint, but free roaming is allowed on Verizon.

  • Cost: Plans range from $5-$35 per month. The $10/month plan includes unlimited talk and text with Wifi for data. Or $25/month for unlimited talk and text with some data. No contracts required.
  • Phones: Republic Wireless allows you to bring your own Android phone, or purchase one directly from Republic.

Cricket Wireless: Runs on the AT&T network and uses AT&T phones, but recently redesigned their plan options. They offer the best family plan on the market right now because each additional line is discounted. Plan options are as follows:

  • Unlimited Talk and Text: $25/month for unlimited talk and text. (Note this is $15/month more expensive than Republic Wireless for the same service)
  • Unlimited Basic: $35/month with autopay discount for 1 line, with additional discounts for additional lines.
    • First 2.5GB of data at 4G LTE speed, after which download speed is throttled to 128kbps
  • Unlimited Smart: $45/month per line with autopay discount, with additional discounts for additional lines.
    • First 5GB at 4G LTE speed, after which download speed is throttled to 128kbps
  • Unlimited Pro: $55/month per line with autopay discount, with additional discounts for additional lines.
    • First 10GB at 4G LTE speed, after which download speed is throttled to 128kbps

Basic Talk/Text:


Airvoice Wireless : Probably the cheapest AT&T cell phone plan for basic voice/text service. No roaming allowed.

  • Cost: 4¢ a minute, 2¢ a text, and 33¢ MB data with 30 day refills. OR $30.00 unlimited talk and text plan.
  • Phones: Airvoice offers a SIM card that will work in any unlocked GSM phone or any AT&T phone.


PagePlus: Not the best overall option, although one of the only available through Verizon.

  • Cost: $12/month for 250 minutes, 250 text messages and 10MB of data. Other higher priced plans aren’t great.
  • Phones: You can bring in a few clean Verizon phones, or buy from their site.

Breaking down the Savings

Someone transitioning from a $80 per month AT&T plan to a $10/month Republic Wireless Plan saves roughly $70 per month. Compounded over 10 years at 7% interest, that individual would save $12,390.

I’m certain that our readers have valuable input on the subject. Did I miss any cheap cellular providers? What are the cheapest cell phone plans?

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I have an old flip phone that I want to you ONLY for a emergency phone for my husband. Don’t want any 4G…. just talk and text and not much of that. Only to be used while we are traveling in the USA and are not in the same place. Formerly on a Verizon plan….. My Smart Phone is still active with Verizon. Don’t want to buy a new phone for him. Doesn’t have to be a Verizon plan for him either

Is it possible and what suggestions do you have.


$10 /30 days – 500min talk, 500texts, 500 MB LTE Data


Gosh, so much info that truthfully, I didn’t read it all. But I did notice that you are knowledgeable and highly responsive – so here goes. I live in an area that gets limited coverage and I was given an I-phone 5 so I don’t want or need to purchase a new phone (so no Republic). I currently use straight talk and it works shockingly well but is way more than I need at $45 a month and 5gb of data. I’ve never used more than 100 mb and usually it’s more like 25mb. I use my phone on wi-fi… Read more »

brian boehm
brian boehm

Im 59 y/o, dont need all the apps and junk, just talk and a minimal number of texts. I have virgin mobile. I get 1000 min., which they just increased from 300 of talk. And unlimited texts. I pay 20 bucks a month,


This is what I have been looking for!!! Taking all data away from my 15 year old, but she needs a phone when she babysits!


is there any way that i would be able to buy a smartphone from straight talk and not hook it up but just down load and app like pinger and make that work


There are free apps available, such as textnow, that work on WiFi only and allow unlimited calling and texting. They will assign you a new phone number, so you have service without the need of any cell carrier. You will get banner ads, but that is the cost of a free service.
I’ve tried the app on an android phone, and it does work. Just create a google account, using any wifi connection, and download it.

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