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January 5, 2018
ehealthinsurance review insurance

Health insurance is a tough topic these days. The overall cost continues to rise while the rules and regulations become more difficult to understand.

If you are searching for health insurance, there is a website dedicated to helping you find the best provider and plan –

What is eHealthinsurance?

eHealthinsurance is not an insurance provider, but an insurance broker. The insurance companies pay eHealthinsurance a commission for every consumer that signs up for a new health insurance plan. They have relationships with dozens of insurance providers and have full access to the plans, rates, and coverage offered by those providers. compiles all of this information into a database that helps you choose a plan without having to shop around at a million different websites and compare quotes from multiple providers. All the information is compiled onto one web page that is catered to your specific needs.

Will it work for me? is simple to use, as they provide a plethora of extra resources that can answer your most frequently asked questions about things like the Affordable Care Act and other hot healthcare topics. Once all of your questions have been put to rest, you will be ready to start the process of getting your free quote.

Getting a quote is not only completely free, but also very easy. All that it requires is your zip code, county, and the date you want the coverage to start, along with some minimal information on the individuals you plan to insure. The form asks for each individual’s gender, date of birth, tobacco usage, and if they are a college student or not.

When you proceed to the next step, you’re taken to a page that contains a customized list of plans that are best for you and your family.

Getting a quote is easy, and it makes choosing a health care plan less intimidating.

Who Is it for?

Everyone. They provide insurance for:

1. Individuals and families: You can search for and purchase dental, vision, life, accident, critical illness, travel, short-term, pet, and international health insurance. also gives options for creating health savings accounts, prescription discount cards, and telemedicine.

  • The health savings account option narrows down your search to insurance providers that offer plans that incorporate a health savings account in which you can put tax free money toward health care costs.
  • The prescription discount cards are free and are accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies.
  • Telemedicine is where you can get physician care around the clock through the phone, video, or email. The idea is to avoid unnecessary doctor’s visits, which will save you money in the long run.

2. Small businesses: eHealthinsurance does a great job of providing not only the most options, best prices, and a quick process for choosing insurance for small businesses, but they also pride themselves on their top-notch customer service and have a great FAQ section on the right hand side bar that will answer all the questions you might have concerning insurance for small business. eHealthinsurance also provides group health, group dental, and group vision plans. The ease of this website for picking health insurance is second to none.

3. Medicare participants: Medicare is a complicated topic. However, breaks it down into bite size chunks that anyone can digest easily. By going to the Medicare section of eHealthinsurance, you will see that you can get a quote for any of the three following  Medicare plans depending on your needs:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans- Medical and/or drug coverage
  • Medicare Supplement Plans- Medical coverage only
  • Medicare Drug Plans- Drug coverage only also provides an in-depth Medicare resource page that will answer many questions. Then, if you still have questions, they provide a phone number that will connect you to a licensed agent that can assist you with your quote and help you purchase a plan that best fits you.

eHealthInsurance Review Summary

We think the website is easy to navigate and the free healthcare quote process is efficient. The database of free information and resources available on the website is also a nice feature.

If you are currently looking for insurance, consider grabbing a free quote today.

eHealthInsurance Review
eHealthinsurance makes it easy to compare health insurance quotes from all of the largest insurers in one place.
Total Cost8.2
Ease of Use8.4
Customer Support6.1
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This is interesting. Health insurance seems like one area where we could definitely benefit from better middle men.


Nice and informative post. I am glad you cover a wide range of topics resulting into frugality/money savings. It not only makes reading very interesting but also gives insight into easily overlooked, seemingly trivial topics like grocery shopping/produce storage to seemingly complex topics like the “Affordable care act” and health insurance, where lots of areas are grey at the moment.
All in all it helps everyone in understanding and making informed decisions. Thanks a lot Jacob and Vanessa. Keep it up!

Tammy R
Tammy R

I’m totally checking this out tonight, Vanessa! My insurance carrier has raised my premium (despite my very healthy health and high deductible) every six months. I am paying $100 more than I was last year at this time. At this rate, I’ll be paying $1000/month by the time I’m 45!

ERrrrrrghhhh, grumble. This post came at the perfect time. Thanks!


Vanessa!!! What a terrifically informative and useful post! Thank you. I think the Jollyhoos might like to have a peek and shop around a bit. This sounds like a convenient and low impact way to do so. Hope all is well with adjusting to TX and with Jacob’s classes. The cooler weather cannot be far off either. Have a mega-fun weekend!