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How We Make Money

Hello, and welcome to our website. All of the information and content displayed on Cash Cow Couple ( is provided free of charge and is produced by married couple Jacob Lumby, Ph.D., CFP® Candidate, and Vanessa Lumby. Our intent is to teach individuals and couples how to create and implement a prosperous financial lifestyle.

In our financial freedom report, I discuss how Vanessa and I (Jacob) left lucrative career options to work full-time in our online business. As we have continued to build our brand and produce unique content, an increasing number of businesses have expressed interest in reaching the Cash Cow Community. This article will explain how we make money by working with select advertisers.

Affiliate Advertising

It takes a lot of time and expertise to produce many of the reviews and guides found on this website. When we spend hours creating content, we need a reliable way to earn income from our efforts. The most straightforward way to monetize our content is by advertising the products and services that we personally trust and recommend.

These products/services are offered by reputable financial institutions who have established a variety of marketing and advertising solutions. In addition to traditional marketing methods, many of these firms have established an internet marketing plan that includes affiliate advertising through other websites like ours.

When someone reads a piece of content on this website and clicks on an “affiliate link,” that person is redirected to the parent company’s website, and we sometimes earn an affiliate commission. Thus, affiliate marketing allows us to monetize recommended products/services on this website and allows the affiliate advertiser to reach new customers that might have otherwise never been found.

Commissions are rarely earned on the click (that’s usually display advertising). Most of the time, we earn nothing until that reader actually performs an action on the advertiser’s website. The action could be creating a unique account, purchasing a product, or signing up for a service. One the best examples of affiliate marketing on this website is the Amazon Associate Program., which pays us a small commission whenever someone makes a purchase on Amazon after clicking through our website. For a live example, see the “utilities” section of this guide.

Affiliate marketing plays a big role in allowing us to continue producing the high-quality content on this website, but we never recommend affiliate products/services that harm our community’s financial well-being. On multiple occasions, we have declined affiliate relationships because the product/service offered by that advertiser is substandard.

In summary, we try to always recommend the best product and services that are available. Some of the time, those products/services include an affiliate program, but other times they do not. Either way, we try to remain objective in our recommendations to help our audience build their best financial life.

Sponsored Collaborations

Sometimes, companies haven’t yet established an affiliate program, and other times, we aren’t interested in forging an affiliate partnership because we have a better solution already in place.

In these circumstances, we can still produce content in collaboration with that brand in exchange for a flat upfront payment. For example, SafetyNet wanted us to produce a factual review that clearly described their wage insurance product offering. We were paid upfront to produce that content.

Sponsored collaborations are a minor revenue stream for us because we’ve found that some brands demand specific information be featured in the content. At times, these demands can cause the content to feel scripted, and I much prefer writing in an honest, personalized tone.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an important revenue stream for many websites, but it’s not a primary advertising solution on this website. In fact, we don’t have any display ads on this website right now.

Most display ad revenue is generated by clicks. If someone lands on a website and clicks on a display advertisement, the website publisher usually earns a small commission. These commissions are generally much smaller than affiliate commissions because they involve a simple click instead of an action (like creating an account).

Most of the time, display ads are controlled by a media network. Google Adsense is one of the largest, but there are dozens of available networks. These networks act as middle-men, bringing together brands who want to display a visual advertisement and publishers who have a relevant audience.

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