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We believe that credit cards are a great tool, and use them for all of our purchases. They offer a huge number of benefits, including miles for free flights and hotels, cash back, warranty extensions on purchases, free electronic statement recording to track what is spent, and a host of other benefits.

In the past few years, we have earned more than a million miles from credit card signup offers, and several thousand dollars in cash back. This page will allow you to compare offers.

Compare Travel Credit Cards With The Highest Bonuses

We use to compare most of the travel cards that are available. They show airline and hotel cards from all the major banks and break down the rewards, the spending requirements, and other perks. They also mention any annual fees and allow you to compare cards to find great offers.

You can find personal cards here -> Airline and Hotel Credit Card Comparison

Compare Cash Back Credit Cards

In addition to the airline and hotel credit cards offering large signup bonuses, you can find and compare cash back credit cards using the same tool.

You can find cash back cards here -> Cash Back Credit Card Comparison

Compare Business Credit Cards With The Highest Bonuses

You can also find a full list of business credit cards on You can apply for a business credit card if you have any (even $1) side income that you can report. This includes things like selling items on Craigslist, Ebay, or garage sales. That’s called being a sole proprietor, and requires no special tax ID.

Check out the business cards here ->’s Business Credit Card Comparison