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Quotacy Review 2019

Each year, LIMRA surveys a few thousand people throughout the country to estimate consumer trends and perceptions regarding life insurance. This annual survey provides a wealth of information about the life insurance purchase decision made by the average American.

The recent 2017 study highlights several important trends:

1) Knowledge doesn’t always lead to action

85% of survey respondents agree that most people need life insurance, yet only 59% report owning any type of life insurance. And nearly 40% of respondents wish their spouse or partner had more life insurance coverage.

Much of this finding can be explained by the nature of life insurance. Previous studies have shown that nearly a third of all Americans fail to purchase life insurance because they dislike contemplating death. I get it, it’s hard to think about dying. But kicking the can down the road is not a solution.

We’re all going to die at some point. If you have loved ones who rely on your income, then you need to think about their well-being if you happen to pass away prematurely.  Life insurance is an excellent solution for most people with dependents, providing a lump sum of money that can be used to eliminate debt, fund a child’s education, and pay for any other necessary expenses.

2) Simplicity and transparency drive life insurance demand

The study asked respondents to rate the importance of several different factors when purchasing life insurance. Having a product that is “easy to understand” received top ranking from 83% of people, while “risk and price transparency” was the next most important factor (67%).

70% of respondents considering life insurance would be interested in purchasing a policy that does not requires a physical exam, something known as simplified underwriting.

Simplified underwriting allows an insurer to use publically available data for risk classification (underwriting) decisions and life insurance pricing. This allows a consumer to purchase life insurance without requiring a medical exam or any blood/fluid sampling. Some of the insurers available through Quotacy offer simplified underwriting (discussed below), as does Haven Life Insurance (see my review).

3) Technology is transforming the life insurance industry

The 2017 study highlights how technology is redefining the life insurance industry. Marvin Feldman, president and CEO of Life Happens, provides a nice quote that summarizes this change:

“Our research shows increasing interest among consumers for speed, ease and transparency in the life insurance purchasing process, including an evolving trend to buy online. It’s interesting to see that this desire is universal, across all generations. A Baby Boomer is just as interested as a Millennial when it comes to making the online buying process fast and easy.”

What’s even more interesting – total online life insurance purchase attempts have tripled since the study’s inception in 2011.

Life Insurance Through Quotacy

Quotacy was founded to deliver the experiences highlighted in the LIMRA study, and they have created a robust life insurance tool that makes it easy to compare term life insurance policies and complete coverage online.

Quotacy checks almost every box that consumers desire, including:

Ease of Use and Speed

Quotacy allows you to quickly compare and get term life insurance quotes from the top A-rated insurance carriers in a matter of minutes without needing to provide your email address or phone number. There are literally no strings attached.

Even better, some of the insurers offering coverage through Quotacy utilize simplified underwriting, which means that you might not be required to complete a medical exam to begin coverage.


The Quotacy comparison tool allows you to play with the numbers (insurance coverage amount and term length) until you find the perfect policy for you. As you adjust the coverage amount and term, your quoted price adjusts accordingly so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

After you have adjusted the quote to fit your needs, you are shown different policy options from top insurance carriers.  The price of each policy is displayed, and you can select the best fit for you. Quotacy’s licensed agents are salaried employees, not commission-based, and their team will never try to upsell or convince you to spend more money on a policy.


Quotacy uses your personal information to help you get the right life insurance at the right price.  Period. Your personal information is never given or sold to third parties.

In layman terms, there will be no pushy insurance agents calling your phone six times per day after using Quotacy.

Reviewing the Quotacy Process

I’ve been personally searching for term life insurance for several months, so I recently obtained life insurance quotes through Quotacy. You can read about the entire process from start to finish in the section below.

Step 1) Obtain Quotes

The first step is visiting the Quotacy comparison page.

There you will need to input the following information to compare insurers:

After inputting my information and choosing my policy value and duration, I’m able to see estimated monthly premiums.

The lowest shown price assumes someone in excellent health.

The “up to” quoted price is reserved for individuals with serious health complications because insurance premiums are priced according to risk. Someone with a serious health condition has a much higher probability of passing away in any given year. The variation in overall risk is reflected in the estimated monthly premiums displayed here.

Step 2) Choose Your Policy

Once you click “Compare Policies,” you will be asked to provide the following information (in simple yes/no question format):

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Do you use tobacco?
  • Do you take heart or cholesterol medications?
  • Does a parent or sibling have heart disease, diabetes or cancer?

This step is required to deliver a more accurate pricing estimate for each insurance policy.

Once complete, you will see a list of possible providers and the estimated monthly premium for your chosen policy:

I’ve compared policies through several different providers, and the insurers available through Quotacy offer some of the most competitive rates that I’ve found. Haven Life Insurance (see my review) also offers term life insurance with simplified underwriting. In my personal search for term life, the monthly premiums at Haven Life were roughly equal to the lowest rates at Quotacy (less than $1/month difference)

If you click “Ratings and Info” for any of the displayed options, you can see a description of each policy, including the product details, A.M. insurance rating, and company history. This is a nice touch to help you better understand each of your options.

This step in the process highlights the “no exam” feature discussed earlier, also known as simplified underwriting. If available, you will see the “no exam” options highlighted in your search. Unfortunately, the number of insurers that offer this option is limited (but increasing each year).

In my opinion, the no exam option is an attractive feature when available, but your preferences may vary.

Step 3) Complete the Application

After you choose a specific policy, it is time to sign up for an online account (email and password) to complete the life insurance application.  Your information is private and will never be sold to third parties. Any information that you provide on your application is secure and will only be shared with the life insurance company you apply to.

Filling out the online pre-application only takes a few minutes, and Quotacy only asks for the information required by the insurance company. Nothing more, nothing less.

After you submit the application, a Quotacy agent will review to determine if there is any missing information that would slow down the process. Quotacy also makes sure the company you choose is the best possible fit. For example, if you note in your pre-application that you suffer from sleep apnea and you apply to a company that Quotacy knows won’t offer the best rate, Quotacy will suggest a different insurer that will better understand the condition. It’s important to note that you can still apply with the original carrier, and it’s completely your choice. Quotacy is simply concerned with helping you explore your options to make the best financial decision.

After everything is complete and you’ve made your final decision, Quotacy will email you the required EasyApp Intake Form (1-2 pages) to sign electronically (and securely). This is required to finalize the application and send it to the life insurance company.

Step 4) Complete the Medical Exam (if necessary)

If you choose a policy that allows simplified underwriting, you might begin coverage without needing any type of medical exam. If you choose a traditional term life insurance policy, you will probably be asked to schedule a medical exam.

After submitting your application to the insurer of your choosing, most companies will contact you to arrange a phone call. During the call, the insurer will review your application for completeness and ask any follow-up questions if they need additional information. You can then schedule the routine medical exam.

A life insurance medical exam is free of charge, and the examiner will meet at your home or office (wherever is most convenient for you). These exams typically involve a blood draw, urine sample, blood pressure reading, height and weight measurements, as well as a few questions asked about your medical history.

After completing the medical exam, the insurance company must finish the underwriting process and determine your risk profile. If there are any issues during this time, Quotacy will contact you and explain your options to make sure you get the best coverage possible.

Once your policy is ready, Quotacy will send it to you via secure email or snail mail (depending on the carrier.)  All you have to do is sign the documents, authorize your payment method, and breathe a sigh of relief. Your new policy is now protecting your dependents and the people that you love should the unexpected happen.

Quotacy Review Summary

Quotacy is delivering a better life insurance experience in almost every possible way. Their insurance comparison engine combines simplicity, transparency, and outstanding customer service. The result is something special that makes shopping for life insurance almost enjoyable.

If you don’t take my word for it, consider their TrustPilot ratings. Consumers who have used Quotacy to find a life insurance policy rate the service a 9.8/10. That’s insanely good customer feedback for any business, and the best rating I’ve ever seen within the life insurance space.

If you have any dependents who rely on your income, life insurance is one of the most efficient ways to protect their future. Don’t delay and wait until something unexpected happens (when it’s too late).

At the very least, visit Quotacy and compare quotes. It won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, and Quotacy requires none of your personal information.

Thank you for reading this Quotacy review. If you have used the service, please provide insight with a comment below.

Quotacy Review 2018
Quotacy delivers a better way to shop for term life insurance, allowing you to compare dozens of term life insurance policies using one short application. Additionally, Quotacy employees are salaried employees instead of commissioned insurance agents, which means no pushy sales calls throughout the entire process.
Total Cost8.2
Ease of Use10
Customer Support9.5
Compare dozens of A-rated insurers
Sleek and functional interface
Great customer support
Competitive pricing
Few insurers currently offer simplified underwriting

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I used Quotacy in December and was very happy with the experience. I got a rate rate from Pacific Life that I’m happy with, and the process was pretty simple and I had no problems. I would definitely recommend Quotacy to others.

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