TopCashback Review review Save money

“I don’t like free money” – Said no one ever.

And free money is exactly what you get by using Topcashback.

So what’s the catch, you say?

There isn’t one. You create a free account and pick your desired merchant through the website portal before you shop online. The website tracks where you’re shopping and sends you cash back after your purchase.

+ You don’t have to change your shopping habits.

We’re always talking about spending less and saving more. However, in order to save money this time, you don’t have to change a darn thing. All you have to do is visit before making a purchase.

+ You get the full cash back amount.

Yes, you read that right. Topcashback isn’t like its rivalry websites that get, for example, an 8% commission rate off of the items you buy and only give you 5% cash back. No. TopCashback is appropriately named because they pay forward the full 8%. While other websites pocket the spare 3%, TopCashback gives  the full commission back to you. Makes sense, right?

+ You can cash out any time with any amount.

You want to cash out one cent every day? Good for you. Want to wait until you have a nice lump of cash back money in your account and buy yourself an early birthday present? Ok. You can cash out directly to a Paypal account or direct deposit whenever you desire.

+ They advertise coupon codes like crazy.

Not only are they giving you 100% cash back rewards, but they are also letting you know about coupon codes that will save you even more money. They often have stackable offers like a $10 for $20 deal through Groupon, which also pays back $10 through their site. In essence, you would get the $20 for free.

This is how we got free Starbucks. It actually works.

They have solid customer service. 

Recently I went through Topcashback to order something online. A week later, I checked my account to see if the cashback had registered, and it did not.

At first I was really annoyed, but then I submitted a claim, which only took 3 minutes tops, and I was given my rightful cashback in no time. What I anticipated to be a struggle, was a painless and rewarding process.

How does TopCashback make money?

They make their money from ads displayed at the side of the page. However, the ads are clearly marked as “sponsored advertisement- no cash back” so there’s no confusion.

At first I was skeptical of this business model, but after reading about how successful their UK website has been, I realized that this whole 100% cash back system is pretty rocking. Some things aren’t too good to be true.

Is it worth Your time?

Absolutely. It scarcely takes any time at all. You can do this process within 15 seconds. Let me demonstrate the best way to use TopCashback.

Step#1: Create an account

Step #2: Go to and type in your desired vendor and click search.

Step #3: Shop as usual and make your purchase.

Step #4:  Your cash back will automatically post soon after your purchase.

It’s so easy to use and it only requires a few extra clicks. 15 seconds could save you 15% or more on…. well, anything! (Feel free to “Booooo” my terrible Geico joke.)

Topcashback Review Summary

Depending on how much you shop, this service could save you quite a bit of money. If you’re a heavy online shopper, you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Not every online store earns the same commission rate, but when you click the link to shop, it will be very obvious how much cash back you will receive.

No matter how much you shop online, whether it be for cyber Monday or every Monday, check out Put the link in your favorites, or set it as your default homepage so you never forget to use it. Either way, you’ll be pumped about the cash back rewards you see from

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Hello, I can vouch for TopCashback – I’ve been using the UK version for a few years now and have received over £700 ($1000) in cashback. The key is to buy stuff that you would normally buy online anyway so you’re not spending any more than you normally would. The cashback on things like cellphones and insurance can be very high, so definitely worth checking out if these things are on your To Buy list. My friends who have cats buy all their cat food, pet supplies etc via the website – it all adds up very quickly! One thing… Read more »

Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee

Took a look around, and I definitely will use this when I shop. Much easier portal to work with than most of the credit card companies. Thanks for the tip!


Great work, a couple of really great tips! I value you crafting this editorial and the rest of your website is awesome!


That is very interesting guys. I would have never anything like that exists. Thanks for the info. It has a couple places that I like to shop so I will definitely be using it in the future.


Never actually used a shopping portal yet but I think I will definitely have to check it out. I already use credit cards to get cash back on my online shopping. This would be a nice little way to double dip.