Make money and save money shopping online

How to Get Paid to Shop Online

There are a variety of strategies that can be used to save money while shopping, but the easiest is getting paid cash back to shop online. When you need to make a purchase, you can either visit your local retail

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Fico Credit Score Range

How to Improve and Increase Your Credit Score

A good credit score unlocks a wide variety of financial opportunities, including easier and cheaper access to credit and loans, reduced insurance premiums, better lease agreements, fewer utility deposits, and even potential employment opportunities. In our modern economy, your credit matters

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stack of visa credit cards

How to Repair, Rebuild, and Improve Bad Credit

When you have a limited credit history, most creditors are reluctant to extend you new lines of credit because they don’t know anything about your borrowing habits. This presents a minor challenge, but there are several straightforward solutions that can help

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Credit Cards Mastercard in back pocket

How to Build Credit From Scratch

Building credit can be difficult. Without a credit history, most financial institutions will deny your request for credit because they cannot determine how responsible you are as a borrower. But you can’t demonstrate responsible credit management until you are approved for

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Credit Score Excellent or Poor

Why Does a Good (or Bad) Credit Score Matter?

In a recent article discussing the range of possible credit scores, I highlighted the relationship between credit and mortgage interest rates. This article will provide additional examples to demonstrate the importance of credit scores in our modern economy. As a

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Debt Student Loans

LendKey Review 2017 + $100 Bonus

With more than $1.5 Billion in funded loans to date, LendKey is one of the most promising providers in the student loan space. Offering private student loans as well as student loan refinancing options, LendKey has partnered with more than 250

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What is the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)?

Harry Markowitz established Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the investment concept of diversification in 1952. One of Markowitz’ doctoral students, William Sharpe, streamlined his work and developed a more accessible approach to diversification known as the Capital Asset Pricing Model

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Graph Showing Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory

What is Modern Portfolio Theory?

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the framework behind the investment concept of diversification, which posits that investors can minimize the volatility of their portfolio and maximize their expected return by investing in diversified portfolios of financial assets. Nobel Prize winner Dr.

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Banking Review

Discover Bank Review: Checking, Savings, and CDs

Vanessa and I have been Discover Bank customers for almost six years. We maintain bank accounts and credit cards with Discover because the company continues to emphasize quality customer service while offering competitive products. In addition to 24/7 customer support (based

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